Visual Assembly

Artists as a facilitator

Visual Assembly is an experiment in which the artist’s role changes from a skilful professional, craftsman or romantic author to a facilitator.
Does she lose his author’s autonomy?
What if the Assembly makes terrible (or stupid) decisions?
How one can create something (let alone public art projects) while keeping distance and neutrality from the content?
What could visualisation look like if we did not try to fix it, but left it open to future changes?
How can we work on the project together without creating a small isolated collectives, but remaining open?

I will publish here links to the works of artists with whom I find it interesting to establish future cooperation.

Here is a work of Johanna Regger

Simultaneously, it is a rigid and thoughtful technique, which practices excellent scalability: one can imagine her architectural landscapes placed on many kilometers of roads or a massive facade of a building. At the same time, she drew a small comic book using the same style.

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