Visual Assembly

Visual Assembly in Madrid – secound meeting


An approximate timeline of V-A:  


– set up the list of Assembly’s participants and the list of words to use for the stencil creation ( lexicon ).

– set up the working groups

– make an artist’s call to produce the stencils for the Assembly. Coordination from SF (three centers – Madrid, London and San-Francisco) 


– come up with a narrative for the off-line theatrical group of activists and the Church of Stop Shopping. 

– costumes: coordination from London and NYC

– choose the date of the Assembly

– decided how we are going to film Visual Assembly and to do a postproduction


– two training assemblies for the zoom participants

– finalizing the preparation with stencils, chalk, costumes, 

– active work with Media

September (working days of the Assembly are 18-19-20 of September ) 

I want to start by inviting people who took part in Carnival4David. Maybe others will write and invite those people and groups they know? 

Here is my version of the invitation to participate in Visual Assembly:

Here is my suggestion on how to ask questions about the choice of Words (Lexicon).

Working groups, 

please, write your name under the group you want to join here


 Sorry for the possible mistakes in English.

Please correct me if you see any… 

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