Visual Assembly

Come and join us: 22-09-2021

The Visual Assembly will be run much like a People’s Assembly.
There will be a group of guests on zoom, who will be briefing the performers on how to implement the collective art piece on the ground by using stencils to chalk spray on a (very large) grid of squares in the square at Nelson Mandella, Madrid.
Performers in the plaza will use stencils created by contemporary artists and designers, spraying the stencils within a pre-created grid of rooms:

As the day progresses, the spray team will be instructed to make links between areas, pulling different deliberations together. In the end, we will have filled our ‘canvas’ with a network of interlinked stencil icons, visualizing what a Museum of Care can be.

Come and join us on your tube!

We will collect your suggestions and implement them on the ground on the Nelson Mandella square in Madrid.

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